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ABB Over Load Relay

ABB Over Load Relay Exporters India,Indonesia,Sri Lanka,Georgia,Nepal,Bangladesh

A relay is a simpler version of a contactor and as the name suggests, is used to cut off the electric supply to the network as soon as possible. The electric supply is cut off because there is an uneven surge that might end up destroying the circuit or there might be a cut-off needed for some maintenance. Either way, the ABB overload relay is the fast and reliable way to protect motors and other electrical equipment from malfunctioning.

ABB has some of the widest range of relays and they are also available at a very competitive price. This is one prime reason why a lot of people tend to buy ABB relays only. Their construction is also very rugged and so once used in the circuit they will last for a long time to come.

Here are some of the features of ABB overload relays:

  • Manual or automatic reset selectable
  • Trip-free mechanism
  • Phase loss sensitivity acc. to IEC/EN60947-4-1
  • 2 electrically isolated auxiliary contacts – 1 NO + NC
  • Test and STOP function
  • Trip indication on the front
  • Temperature compensation
  • Ambient air temperature – operation: -25°C … +70°C
  • All terminal screws are accessible from the front
  • EF range: Sealable cover for operating elements