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Change Over Switch

Change Over Switch Suppliers Gujarat,Kerala,Delhi,Jaipur,Rajkot,India

We promote Change over Switch – a dependable product from Schneider Electric which has great demand in the market because of its superior performance and exclusive durability. In addition to manual change over switches, explicit lines up of automatic change over switches are also available. The switches are provided with brackets and can be used for mounting applications in domestic shops and industrial installations.

Below we shall have a look at all the varied specifications of these Schneider Change Over Switches. 

Specifications of Change Over Switch: 

  • It offers 415V open execution and sheet steel enclosure type to ensure optimal performance.
  • Fuse Change Over Switch of 63A to 3150A 4 pole front operated 415V
  • Fuses Change Over from 125A to 630A 4pole
  • The change over switches that are provided by us conform to the IEC 947-3 standards.
  • The change over switches also conform to the EN 60947-3 standards.
  • The change over fuses are highly durable and robust.
  • Uninterrupted and stable performance are one of the many strengths of the switches that we provide.
  • High number of available operations
  • The automatic change over switches are highly reliable and don’t need timely maintenance for uninterrupted service.
  • The switches have high breaking capacity.
  •  High electrical & mechanical endurance