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Schneider Switchgear

Schneider Switchgear Distributor Ahmedabad,Karnataka,Kanpur,IndiaElectrical equipment has over the years changed and become so much better than their earlier counterparts. Today, the electrical equipment, especially the heavy duty ones like transformers and electrical networks are very safe thanks to the presence of electrical switchgear. Among the various companies, Schneider Switchgear is known to be some of the best in the market.

Not only do they protect the other electrical lines from electrical surges, but they are also used to prevent short-circuit and fault currents from spoiling the rest of the network.

Here are some of the features of the Schneider Switchgear:

  • Great for single phase protection of three phase loads
  • Electrically operated switches which can be opened by remote. They can also be closed, and charged with the help of this functionality
  • They can indicate a blown fuse indication and have a switch lock out feature
  • They utilize the stored energy mechanism and have shunt trip capabilities which meet the NEC Article 710 conditions and requirements.

They are made up of High track resistant insulators throughout the entire switchgear facility. This will ensure that the protection is 3 times than that of the tracking resistance of the commonly used and traditional glass polyester insulators.

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