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Schneider Contactor

Schneider Contactor Distributor Ahmedabad,Mizoram,Kolkata,India

Our company is a name in the market as a trusted trader, supplier, distributor, wholesaler and exporter of the Schneider Contactors. Our holistic approach towards constructing these contactors make us stand distinguished from the rest of the lot in the market.

Below we shall see the product specifications of some of the Schneider Contactors.

LC1D Contactor Specifications:

  • AC, DC, low consumption DC control circuit
  • Consists of starters of all types- Reversing or non- reversing; Star/ delta by auto transformer
  • Consists of connectors of the types- spring terminal, ever link terminal block, ring type connectors, fasten connector and screw clamp
  • Very lucid direct mounting between them
  • 4 arrangements of instantaneous contacts
  • LC1-BL up to 800 A/AC-1
  • LC1-BM up to 1250 A/AC-1
  • LC1-BP up to 2000 A/AC-1
  • LC1-BR up to 2750 A/AC-1
  • Combinable thermal overload relays: LR9-F, LT6

LCIF 630 Contactor Specifications:

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Addition of additives  add to their flexibility
  • Simple and fast mounting
  • AC & DC control voltages 50/400 Hz “power” connection screw connectors.

LCIK Contactor Specifications:

  • AC, DC, low consumption DC control circuit
  • Operates at ratings: 6,9 & 12A
  • Applications: 2.2 kW, 4.5 kW, 5.5 kW in AC3 and Ac4
  • Connector types: screw clamp, spring terminals, faston connectors and pins for printed circuit boards.