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Schneider Soft Starter

Schneider Soft Starter Distributor Ahmedabad,Madhya Pradesh,Mumbai,India

We endorse the very popular Schneider Soft Starters, designed solely in accordance to the needs of our clients. The standards our products and services have set are par excellence, to say the very least.

Below we shall have a look at all the varied specifications of these Schneider Soft Starters.

The Specifications of Schneider Soft Starters.:

  • Consists of cascaded starting and deceleration of a number of motors
  • Consists of integrated Modbus, FIPIO, Profibus DP, Device net and Ethernet
  • Has numerous configurable inputs/ outputs
  • Has a dual configuration (2 motors)
  • Has a simplified personalised settings using built- in display or the power suite software
  • Factory set for immediate start-up available
  • Thermal protection of the motor available
  • Torque control system available. In fact, it supports the adjustable unjamming torque feature for your convenience.
  • Adjustable starting and stopping times of the machine: 5 or 10 seconds
  • 230 V to 415 V/ 208 to 690 V – 50/60 Hz
  • Protection of the machine: under load and overload with adjustable threshold and times, locked rotor, rotation direction control
  • Signalling on completion of starting
  • Has an integrated bypass contractor
  • Possesses a ‘Boost’ function for difficult starting conditions
  • Our explicit range of Schneider Soft Starters is available up to 75 kW