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Schneider Air Circuit Breaker

Schneider Air Circuit Breaker Suppliers Gujarat,Jharkhand,Haryana,Pune,India

As the name suggests, Air circuit breakers work with the help of air and break the circuit by utilizing the air present in the atmosphere. For up to a voltage of 15KV, the air circuit breakers are the most preferred choice. Sometimes, the oil circuit breakers have the chance of catching fire and ruining the entire circuit. This is however not the case with ACBs and can be easily used in larger circuits.

Schneider Air Circuit Breaker is preferred by most of the electrical engineers because of their flawless performance. Their compact design and the overall dimensions make it very easy to use and light weight too. They are also contracted in a way which facilitates their installation and their integration in the circuit very easily.

Here are some of the important features of the air circuit breaker:

  • Their OCR terminals are located in front which makes the reading of the equipment a lot easier.
  • They have a modulized mechanical part and accessories and this ensure that they last for a longer period of time.
  • They are for easy maintenance and inspection since their design is very compact and simple
  • They have an Improved draw-out rail for easy draw-out
  • Minimized arc space
  • Molded frame