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ABB Contactor

ABB Contactor Suppliers Gujarat,Kerala,Delhi,Jaipur,Rajkot,India

A contactor is basically a switch which too is used for the protection of the electrical circuit. It has a lot of similarities to the relay except that it is used for higher current ratings. It is basically a relay and when it is used to switch a large amount of electric current, it is known as a contactor. These are used for a large variety of applications in commercial and industrial use. For instance, they are used in motor control, in heating and ventilating etc.

The contactors that are available are different based on the various kinds of industrial applications. The most common ones are those which function with the help of a magnet.

Here are features of the ABB contactor:

  • They are available in Full Line and have sizes of 00-9 (600 volts / 1600HP maximum)
  • The type 1, 3R,12,4 and 4x enclosures are available in sizes 00-6 for 1 Pole, 2 Pole & 3 Pole, and size 00-5 in 4 Pole configurator
  • They are Tool-less contactor disassembly. This ensure that they can be quickly inspected and the maintenance of the contacts also becomes much easier due to such a type of construction
  • They have a Simple voltage coil change-out which allows maximum configurability