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Polycarbonate Enclosure

For industrial as well as commercial applications, polycarbonate enclosures inevitably top the list. Almost all industries demand it to carry different types of equipment and material, which these have duty boxes save from all external harm. V D Electronics makes it robust and durable to satiate all sorts of needs at its best. Polycarbonate Enclosures are utmost necessary for industrial use and we make it completely adhering to your desires.

What Makes Polycarbonate Enclosures The Best?

Now keeping outdoor projects watertight and resistant from all harms is not an issue anymore, because polycarbonate enclosures are here to serve this very purpose in its best possible way. What makes it so unique, is the most common question being asked by most of the industrialist. For their knowledge, its construction, top quality material, high resistant capability, and durable performance outnumber all other available options in the market.

We prepare polycarbonate enclosures by using the top quality material and test it on several parameters to ensure its best performance and quality. The best part is, you can get customized solutions too, so if you want to get it in a particular shape, size, color or even want to get it prepared with the material of your choice, then you can surely do so by simply clarifying all your requirements.


  • Long lasting performance
  • Fantastic Utility
  • The superlative quality raw material used
  • Adhere to all quality standards
  • Available in varied options in the facet of size, shape, color.


  • For indoor and outdoor enclosures requiring safety from adverse weather conditions and harsh environment.
  • Prominent to use for instrumentation, relay modules, CNC machines, electrical & electronics,control panels, instrumentation, automation, petrochemical complex, etc.

V D Electronics vouches for top-notch quality enclosures with premium quality material. The material we use bestow firmness and ensure the robust construction that delivers long-lasting performance. We believe in quality, so have established several quality controls where it is checked by our professional inspectors on a varied basis. Only the passed pieces are available for our patrons and those which don’t stand by the test are not allowed to carry further. We keep special care to comply with all the quality standards and manufacture according to the basic and recommended specifications of our customers.

We are pleased to inform that our Polycarbonate Enclosures pass all the tests and have got itself listed in top quality products as well. You can contact us anytime and get this promptly.