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Schneider Over Load Relay

Schneider Over Load Relay Exporters India,Italy,Uganda,United Arab Emirates,Spain

Most electrical circuits need protection due to the high value of electric current that they carry. In larger networks, it is important that the circuit is protected from these surges because otherwise there is a chance that the whole network can be blown off. Schneider over Load relays are economic electro-mechanical protection devices for the main circuit. They offer reliable protection for the motors and different equipment in the circuit. In the event of an overload or a phase failure, they can effectively cut off the circuit and then be used to protect the entire network.

The best over load relays are those which are manufactured by Schneider. Not only would they fit the budget of a person, but they are also some of the equipment which is most likely to last long compared to other companies’ relays.

Here are the features of some of the overload relays available with Schneider:

  • They have a temperature compensation option
  • They are Useable for AC- or DC-application
  • They are used for both three- and single-phase applications
  • All the phases are equipped with bimetal tripping elements which makes the relay very sensitive to changes
  • All the terminal screws are accessible from the front and in case there is some problem with the relay, it can be easily opened