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Schneider Capacitor

Schneider Capacitor Suppliers Gujarat,Maharashtra,Bangalore,Vadodara,India

We endorse a wide variety of Schneider Capacitors which have premium durability and superior performance along with a prolonged functional life. We offer a wide gamut of products that deliver fast performance even in uncompromising conditions, Fixed & various Automatic PFC systems as well as in networks which have to deal with a frequent switch in loads & harmonic interruptions.

Below we shall have a look at all the varied specifications of these Schneider Capacitors. 

Specifications of Schneider Capacitor: 

  • Our capacitors offer a power range up to 100 kvar.
  • These capacitors have a voltage range up to 690V.
  • Peak inrush current: up to 400 x IS
  • Over-current: up to 2.5 x IS
  • Protection IP20 (IP54 on request)
  • Over-voltage: 1.1 x US
  • The capacitors that we manufacture are highly durable and deliver uninterrupted performance even after prolong use. High life expectancy up to 160,000 hours is one of the many remarkable features of the capacitors that we provide.
  • The capacitors that we provide follow the IEC 60831-1/-2 standards.
  • These capacitors fall under Temperature Class D (55°C).
  • These capacitors ensure high safety and are extremely reliable at all times.
  • A wide line up of capacitors ensure that you can find the right product for yourself.