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Schneider MCB

Schneider MCB Suppliers Gujarat,Meghalaya,Chandigarh,India

We bring you the very exclusive Schneider MCB (Miniature circuit breakers) from the very wisely selected sources in our knowledge. Known for providing quality rich products, we, the V.D. Electricals & Engineering Co. make it a point to test the products before making it available for your use.

Schneider MCB Specifications:

  • It supports nominal current ranging from 1 to 63 A
  • IEC 60947 is suitable for isolation in accordance with industrial standards
  • Provides a large choice of breaking capacities along with tripping curves: B,C,D
  • Indication of state and tripping, shunt trip, under voltage trip, and over voltage trip are some of the other optional auxiliaries.
  • It is certified by National Official Authorities and is in compliance with standards: IEC EN 60898 or IEC 60947-2, depending on the version.
  • Can take up a voltage to 440 Vac. Insulating voltage is 500 V
  • Optional earth leakage modules add on in C60
  • Consists of compact home SH 200 T, SH 200 L, SH 200
  • It brings with it high breaking capacities and special features and accessories for commercial and industrial applications:S200P,S220,S290,S500,S800
  • Provides breaking capacity up to 10 kA pro M compact S200, S200 M for domestic or small commercial installations
  • For industrial installations up to 25 kA, it provides breaking capacity pro M compact S200,S200 M, S200 P, S200 U, S200 UP, S200 UDC, S280 UC, S290
  • Special selective MCB(SMCB) with dedicated upstream and downstream selectivity are also available in the ranges- S700 and S750