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Flameproof Switchgear

One of the common dangers in the electrical circuit is that of a fire. Fires in a circuit occur when the line becomes too hot from carrying an extra amount of current and as a result heats up. Fires can be easily prevented by using switchgears. But in earlier days, the problem was that the fire would end up destroying the switchgear too. This is why there was the development of Flameproof Switchgear which would remain in its condition even in case of a fire hazard.

Flameproof switchgear is made up of a material which is fire resistant and can withstand heat up to a considerable amount.

Here are some of the features of the flameproof switchgear:

  • They are Highly efficient and hence are used in commercial and industrial scenarios
  • They are extremely easy to install and come with a handy brochure which makes the installation process even easier.
  • They are Low maintenance and can be cleaned easily
  • They have a Long functional life
  • They are available in different sizes depending on the various needs of the electrical circuit
  • They are available as Ex-d IIA/B, Limit Switch with adjustable Roller

Flameproof Junction Box

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Flameproof Distinction Board

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