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Flameproof Junction Box

Flameproof Junction Box Suppliers Gujarat,Maharashtra,Bangalore,Vadodara,India

A junction box, as the name suggests is a box which contains all the electrical wires and cables of a particular network. Often there are too many wires at a particular network and it is important that the wires are sorted out and kept at one place in order to be kept properly. Often in the absence of a junction box, there are a lot of loose wires which not only complicate the wiring but may also be dangerous in case there is a fault or a short circuit.

As a result of a short circuit or a fault, there may also be a danger of a fire. Thus, nowadays, Flameproof Junction Box is being used near the electrical circuits to keep them safe from any kind of fire hazard. Though the junction box is always needed, it is best to get it constructed with the help of flameproof material because it will protect the network from a lot of problems later on.

Here are some salient features of a Flameproof Junction Box:

  • They are very reliable and the ones from a good company like Schneider and ABB will definitely work well
  • They also have a long shelf-life and will last without any problems without any problems
  • They are available at a very cheap price as compared to other electrical equipment


PE/EXJB/301515 155x155x97
PE/EXJB/302015 200x150x100
PE/EXJB/302316 230x160x165
PE/EXJB/302020 200x200x100
PE/EXJB/302727 270x270x105
PE/EXJB/303115 310x155x100
PE/EXJB/303030 300x300x105
PE/EXJB/303631 360x310x175
PE/EXJB/304025 400x250x141
PE/EXJB/304030 400x300x115
PE/EXJB/304040 400x400x125
PE/EXJB/305030 500x300x120
PE/EXJB/306040 600x400x200


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